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  • Huang Siew Hock 4 years ago

    ” The colour of the cat doesn’t matter so long as it catches the mice. ” , so said the Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping.So, all Malaysian Public Universities must open the doors wide for the best Vice-Chancellors to be employed, the best students to study the courses of their choice, with no colour bar, just like the proverbial cat mentioned above.So should all Sports be opened to all the best! Let the best compete. So should all GLCs be helmed by the best MAS, PROTON, PETRONAS, to name three, if the nation desires to move forward and upward. So should all the Ministries be manned by the best brains, without gender discrimination whatsoever. The ROS, EC, the Judiciary must conduct their functions impartially and justly, no leaning to one side or other; they must act professionally.Malaysia must grow economically so that the people could get employment.May the nation grow from strength to strength!

    • Suffian 4 years ago

      Yes this would be the day all Malaysians are waiting for.only this we will have a better platform to compete with the world.

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