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18th April 2007 – Anwar Ibrahim with SBS Dateline’s George Negus

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Anwar Ibrahim speaks to George Negus about his political aspirations after being tipped to become Malaysia's Prime Minister. He's currently mounting a bold political comeback, after spending six years in jail f...

Ultraman Has Been Defeated By The Malaysian Government

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(Business Insider) The Home Ministry has issued a directive banning the publication of the ‘Ultraman The Ultra Power’ comic book. We don’t know what the superhero from outer space has done, but apparently the comic...

KDN larang buku ‘Ultraman the Ultra Power’

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Kementerian Dalam Negeri mewartakan Perintah Larangan Penerbitan terhadap buku 'Ultraman The Ultra Power', yang didapati mengandungi unsur-unsur mungkin memudaratkan ketenteraman awam. Buku terbitan bahasa Melayu i...

黄洁冰: 与土权同台演讲,周美芬”双面人”

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(莎阿南6日讯)人民公正党加影补选副总指挥黄洁冰指出,马华加影补选准候选人周美芬为了拉拢马来选票,不惜勾结土权所奉行的“双面人”行径已被拆穿无疑,其个人诚信破产,已经失去参选的道德基础。   “双面人是马华公会的惯用伎俩,...

Anwar Ibrahim: We Will Never Surrender

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Anwar Ibrahim: Bagaimana Manjaga Keharmonian Rumah Tangga?

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Nurul Izzah Anwar: Ayah Saya (My Father)

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Anwar Ibrahim: Takut Apa Kalau Safee Jadi Pendakwa?

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(Q&A) Anwar Ibrahim: Bagaimana Nak Elak Penipuan?

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(Q&A) Anwar Ibrahim: Masalah Ekonomi Anak Muda Di Malaysia

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N Surendran: Court of Appeal Registrar Must Reveal Reasons for Unusual Haste in Fixing Fitnah II Appeal dates

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I refer to the appeal of the Fitnah II case by the BN government against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on6 &7 March 2014. We are disturbed by the unusual haste in which the March 6 &7 dates have been fixe...

(Q&A) Anwar Ibrahim: Masalah Wakil Rakyat Lompat Parti

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