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William Case, shop professor at the Southeast Asia Research Center of the City University of Hong Kong, sovaldi points to the fact that the PM has direct control over the investigation process as well as a long history of surviving scandals. One of the most high-profile of these was the 2006 murder of a Mongolian model, help which made Malaysian headlines due to her alleged involvement in past government negotiations for a $1.1 billion purchase of French submarines.

Moreover, Case warned that there is no obvious replacement for the PM even in the event that he did resign, adding nobody else in the upper echelons of government could operate internationally and domestically in the way he does.




  • azizahishakismail 2 years ago

    internationally he bullshit , locally he is full of shit !

    • nameweek 2 years ago

      Better than you… umno cybertrooper lapdog…

  • Billy 2 years ago

    That corrupted and racist party and Prime Minister will not be tolerated. We will bring him down!

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