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Zairil Khir Johari: Malaysia Has Never Seen In Such Trouble Time

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New Zealand Prime Minister Thrown Out Of Parliament

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Pakatan Harapan: Kami bertekad untuk berkumpul-semula & memfokus-semula serta meningkatkan iltizam

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Pakatan Harapan, for sale melalui Majlis Presidennya yang bermesyuarat pada 11 Mei 2016, purchase merakamkan ucapan terima kasih dan penghargaan kepada rakyat Sarawak yang telah mengundi calon-calon daripada parti-p...

Tony Pua: Is 1MDB’s engagement with its US dollar-denominated bondholders a good move?

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1MDB is now on the verge on defaulting on the interest payments for its second US$1.75 billion bond, after defaulting on the first US$1.75 billion bond last month.   1MDB has been forced to “engage” their bondholder...

Lim Guan Eng: Now Malaysia Is Well Known For All The Wrong Reasons

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Dr Mahathir: Giving Money To People Is Not Going To Make You Popular

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Dr Mahathir: Where We Come From?

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