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Request For Contribution:

About 9 years ago, Mediarakyat was created on Youtube as a media channel for the purpose to share informative videos in Malaysia. It all started with a Sony Handycam. As Mediarakyat grew slowly as a small team, we were able to receive support & contribution for our work that enabled us to expand our operation and upgrade our camera and IT equipment along the way. We would like extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation on financial support that we have received over the years.

Today, Mediarakyat has 208,000 Youtube subscribers with 5,600 uploaded videos and counting, 165,000 Facebook page followers and 65,000 Twitter followers. In fact, Mediarakyat was the first news Youtube channel to offer HD & Full HD resolution videos to all users in Malaysia. These many great milestones would not be possible without our active viewers and supporters.

However, to increase Mediarakyat’s effort to continue improving freedom of information and to reach more Malaysians with higher quality contents that we believe should be free for everyone, we have to once again ask for donations and financial contributions to support our cause. This financial support aims to cover our

1) larger scale operation & expansion costs (possible livestream & mobile app services)

2) also mainly purchases of professional camera equipment (professional camcorder & full frame DSLR)

3) upgrades of our IT equipment.

We hope that you will give us your support, any amount will be very much appreciated. If you intend to make any other forms of contributions or wish to sponsor our cause, do not hesitate send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a pm.


514-187-357-439 (MR Multimedia)

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