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Tony Pua: We Can Forget About Ever Replacing BN If We Practise Cronyism And Thuggish Politics Just Like Them

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Let me invite YB Sivarasa Rasiah, purchase recipe Member of Parliament for Subang for a friendly visit to the Deepavali Bazaar located in Sungai Way, check see Petaling Jaya Utara to understand the issues arising ...

Lim Kit Siang: Thanks to Najib, Time magazine today cited Malaysia as second example of worst global corruption

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Malaysia ended last year with the dishonor of being named by the international website, shop, as the host country for the world’s third “worst corruption scandals of 2015” because Prime Minister Dat...

Tan Wah Piow: My old friend is going to jail…

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My old friend is going to jail, not for the first time. His name is Hishammudin Rais. We were born in the same year, but different places. Hisham was born in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, and I was 350 km away, in Joo Ch...

Dyana Sofya: Victory in defeat

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Press Statement by DAP Teluk Intan By-Election Candidate Dyana Sofya on 31 May 2014 in Teluk Intan So near, pills yet so far. It has been a whirlwind campaign over the last two weeks, and although we may not have ac...


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The Scorpene submarines scandal involving suspected commissions paid to Malaysian defence officials in the French submarines sale in 2002 has finally surfaced in the French court with a first indictment issued again...


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Saya dihubungi oleh Inspektor Haniff dari Ibupejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Sungai Buloh semalam untuk dimaklumkan bahawa saya sedang disiasat ekoran ucapan saya di hadapan Penjara Sungai Buloh pada 10 Ogos 2016 iaitu sem...

CNBC: Why Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal is denting growth

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Leslie Shaffer Thursday, 28 Jan 2016 Thought the long-running political scandal over Malaysia's deeply indebted sovereign fund was over? It isn't and the festering scandal is likely to weigh on the ...


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Pada 30 Mac 2016 yang lalu sekitar jam 2 petang, store saya telah membuat satu laporan polis di IPD Dang Wangi terhadap Arulkanda Kandasamy dan pengurusan kanan 1MDB berhubung satu maklumat dari Laporan Ketua Audit N...

Tony Pua: How did AG conclude that the US$681 million “donation” from the unnamed Arab didn’t originate from 1MDB?

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Last week, the Attorney-General Tan Sri Apandi Ali said that based on evidence from witnesses and supporting documents submitted by the MACC, the sum of US$681 million deposited into the personal accounts of the Prime...

Tony Pua: The entire Bandar Malaysia sale to the IWH-CREC joint venture is becoming increasingly confusing

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Let me state upfront that we welcome the more detailed “further clarification” issued by 1MDB yesterday with regards to the discrepancy over the purchase price for the 60% of equity of Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd to the I...

Azmin Ali: Adenan Satem has crossed the line and exposed himself as being reckless in the use of his executive power

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On being barred from entering Sarawak I have just been barred from entry into Sarawak and am detained against my will at the holding area at the Kuching International Airport pending deportation back to the Penin...

The Wall Street Journal: Malaysia’s Najib Razak Fires Deputy Prime Minister in 1MDB Rift

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Malaysian prime minister replaces his deputy and several other ministers amid an investigation into state-investment fund 1MDB KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak shook up his cabinet Tuesday ...

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