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Lim Kit Siang: Najib’s RM2.6 billion donation – from one donor or more than one, from one foreign country or more than one?

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A question which should have been answered some six months ago if the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak really believes in accountability, shop transparency, order integrity and good governance is now creating h...

Anwar Ibrahim: Pemecatan serta merta Profesor Mohd Redzuan tidak mengejutkan tetapi tetap mengecewakan dan tidak wajar

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Berita pemecatan serta merta Profesor Datuk Dr Mohamad Redzuan sebagai Pengarah Pusat Kajian Demokrasi dan Pilihan Raya (UMcedel) tidak mengejutkan tetapi tetap mengecewakan dan tidak wajar. Penyingkiran secara melul...

Malaysian Bar: Misuse of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 to Stifle Freedom of Speech and Expression Must End

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The Malaysian Bar is aghast at the decision of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (“MCMC”) — pursuant to Sections 233 and 263(2) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (“CMA”) — to deny publ...


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Keputusan Kementerian Dalam Negeri untuk menggantung akhbar mingguan The Edge dan The Edge Financial Daily untuk masa 3 bulan bermula 27 Julai amatlah menggusarkan, healing dan telah melanggar prinsip kebebasan media...

Lim Kit Siang: Sack Azalina and Rosnah as Minister and Deputy Minister for unilaterally prioritizing Hadi’s bill

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MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong have threatened to resign from the Cabinet if PAS President, Hadi Awang’s  hudud bill is passed. Liow is the Transport Minister while Mah is Minister ...

Tony Pua: Najib must confirm if his office has decided to award the East Coast rail contract to Chinese construction company for RM60 billion

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The Sarawak Report has exposed new documents which alleged that the Malaysian Government is in the midst of finalising a new contract to award China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for a whopping sum of RM6...

Khalid Ibrahim: Malaysia’s Score In World Press Freedom Index worsened under Najib’s administration

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Freedom of the press and printing or freedom of the media entails freedom of communication and expression through various channels of print and electronic media. Although media freedom usually implies the absenc...

#TakNakDiktator : Malaysia Must Unite to Stop the National Security Council Bill 2015

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The National Security Council (NSC) Bill 2015 that was rushed through Dewan Rakyat on 3 December represents an unprecedented threat to what remains of parliamentary democracy in Malaysia. The law aims to centralise mi...

Anwar Ibrahim: Time Is Of The Essence, Action Must Be Immediate!

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The nation is in a state of crisis, cialis economic and political, viagra yet the BN government seems incapable or unwilling to take strong, decisive and immediate action. The serious allegations against the PM in ...

Tony Pua: Why has the Royal Malaysian Police not investigated the missing Cayman Islands investment arising from the supposed profitable disposal of 1MDB’s PetroSaudi investment?

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I had asked the Minister of Finance who is the investment bank which is managing the balance of the proceeds in the form of “units” which was redeemed from 1MDB’s Cayman Islands investment amounting to the reported RM...

Tony Pua: Malaysia enters the new age of darkness as the Najib administration abuses the full weight of the law to clampdown media freedom and honest reporting

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Never has the media in Malaysia faced a greater onslaught than it faces today since the dark days of Operasi Lalang where The Star, viagra sale Sin Chew Jit Poh, sickness Watan was suspended on 29 October 1987.   To...

Azmin Ali: Raid on Guan Eng’s home raises concern over the issue of even-handedness & impartiality in investigations

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I read with great alarm the raid by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officials on the home of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in George Town today. Even though the raid was conducted in the presence of Lim an...

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